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Bennington NH

Welcome To Mike's Towing and Recovery's Official Website


12/7/17 -  40+ new recovery photos added.

2/11/17 - Yes the rumors are true, we did purchase a military 6x6 wrecker. 
The truck is currently undergoing extensive modifications and fabrication which will increase its efficiency for emergency recovery use. Like most military equipment, this wrecker is designed to be operated by a group of humans, rather then a single operator. These modifications will "civilianize" the truck making it much more user friendly. The truck will also undergo many appearance modifications. This truck is estimated to be complete and in operation in the second half of this year. Pics will be posted as progress is made.

-1/28/17  The website is back up and Running including the "Photo Page" . Thank you for your patience !  

Old News 2016

- 12/19/16  W
e apologize we have been experiencing technical issues with the site and are working on the fix now.  until we can figure it out the site may be tempermental, and as of now the photos page is unavailable

- 12/12/16  We have Sold our 4x4 Wrecker, and our Medium Duty Wrecker. Leaving us with the 3 flatbeds. Only 2 out of the 10 years we have been in business we have owned wreckers and while they are extremely handy to have we simply do not have the work to justify owning them. If there is an instance a flatbed can not do the job we will sub-contract someone with a wrecker, and orcastrate the entire job to ensure you are receiving the trusted service of Mike's.

- 12/12/16 Mikes is seeking a part time driver Please see the 
" Job opportunities" under the  "All About Mikes Tab"

- 11/20/16  Mikes has sold our little black 4x4 wrecker. and will no longer be providing extensive off road recovery.

- 9/9/16  Parade Pics Are Up!  
Thanks to all the spectators who joined us at the Francesown Labor Day Parade. Mikes proudly won the top 4 prizes.
Grand Prize : Man on the moon float driven by Paul, astronaut Sara Hardwick.
First Place: Flushable toilet float, driven by Mike, The mad plunger with his pants down performed by Dave aka Grimace.
Second Place: Wheelie driven by our son Matty
Third Place: First Color TVs  
driven by Matt (pumpcheese) including: Beth and Ethan Holdridge, Hunter Hardwick, Tyler Pollard, Stephen Simard.
In addition to ribbons we also received a prize check which we were happy to be able to return to the FIHS to help fund next years event.

- 9/4/16  Come check out Mike's Towing at the Francestown Labor Day Parade. We will have 3 floats that vary from mild to foolish, plenty of candy for the kids, and the long awaited Unveiling of Wheelie and Crash. (Wheelie is the truck  and crash is the little red car in our logo).
After many years of comments about our "cool logo" Mike decided to build a ridable version which will be driven by his son Matty.

Parade Starts at 2pm Monday

-  8/22/16  Mikes is Currently Seeking a Part Time Driver. Please See " Job opportunities" under the  "All About Mikes Tab"

- Added 5/19/16  
Check out New pics in the training category: BFD training session at Mikes, which included a creative technique to remove a patient from a rolled vehicle. After BFD made a few precision cuts to the vehicle, Mike used the winch from one of the wreckers to roll the seat/floor to a position that a patient could easily be extracted from the vehicle. We are proud supporters of cross training which allows fire/rescue and the towing company to work side by side throughout an entire emergency situation.

-  Mike's is a proud sponsor of Project Crash - a simulated accident scene at Conval High School, designed to show the real world dangers of operating a vehicle while distracted or under the influence. This demonstration will include 2 vehicles supplied and transported by Mike's. Along with personel from area Fire, Rescue, and Police Deptartments, the Students and Facilty of Conval, and more.

-  Mike has finally agreed to jump on the band wagon and allow a company facebook page.
                     Actually he didnt agree at all, but an employee went ahead and created one anyways !

Like us on Facebook

- In addition to our 3 Flatbeds Mikes has recently added 2 trucks to the fleet. A black 4x4 1 ton wrecker for off road recovery, and a         black Medium duty wrecker for the  stuff that needs the extra pulling power.

- Suggestions, Comments or Quotes - Please see the contact page

- The picture page shows just a couple of the hundreds of recoverys performed each year, in Most cases we don't have or take the time for photos. If you have some good action photos of jobs we have performed please let us know!

Thank you!

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